The Basics of FastPass+ at Walt Disney World (Thumbnail)

What Is FastPass+?

The FastPass+ system at Walt Disney World is a version of a “skip to the front of the line pass.” By reserving FastPass+ selections for your favorite attractions, you’ll save time on your vacation because you won’t be waiting in a long standby line.

The best thing about FastPass+ is that it’s FREE! Your park ticket purchase entitles you to three FastPass+ reservations per day at each of the four parks (one park per day). Additional paid FastPass+ reservations are available to guests staying at Deluxe Resorts with Club Level Access.

When Can I Make FastPass+ Reservations?

Guests staying at a Walt Disney World resort, or those staying at a designated Good Neighbor Hotel, can begin booking FastPass+ reservations at 7:00 am EST, 60 days before they are due to check-in. These guests are able to book up to seven days of FastPass+ reservations at once.

Guests staying off-site are able to make FastPass+ reservations at 7:00 am EST, 30 days before each of their planned park days. This means that a guest staying for five days will be able to book each planned day 30 days out.

How Do I Make a FastPass+ Reservation?

Making a FastPass+ Reservation is very simple, thanks to the My Disney Experience app. To book a reservation, follow these steps:

  1. On the bottom menu panel, you will see a + button. Click this, then click on “Get FastPass+.”
  2. Choose the people in your party that will be on your FastPass+ reservation.
  3. Select the date on which you wish to make the reservation.
  4. Choose the park at which your reservation will be.
  5. Select the attraction for which you wish to make a FastPass+ reservation.
  6. Choose a time for your reservation.
  7. Review the details and hit “Confirm.”

Which Attractions Participate in FastPass+?

For a complete list of attractions, entertainment, and character meet and greet opportunities that participate in FastPass+, click here to download my FastPass+ Guide for all four parks!

Can I Make Additional FastPass+ Selections?

Yes! Once you have used your initially planned FastPass+ selections, you are able to add on additional reservations in the parks. These additions will be one at a time and can be made at any park. If you’re at Epcot and have used your first three FastPass+ reservations, you can make a fourth one for an attraction at the Magic Kingdom! You can continue to make additional reservations until the parks have ceased FastPass+ distribution for the day, usually 30 minutes before closing.

The FastPass+ reservation system is a great way to maximize your time on your Walt Disney World vacation! By planning reservations for your favorite attractions ahead of time, you avoid spending precious minutes waiting in line and are able to enjoy more of the wonderful things the parks have to offer. Stay tuned for more of this series, as I will be taking a deeper dive into FastPass+ strategies and which reservations you should make for each park!