Dining Review: Beaches & Cream Soda Shop (Thumbnail)

Get your giant ice cream spoons ready, it’s time to go to Beaches & Cream Soda Shop! This dining location has been a fan favorite for years, and it recently underwent an expansion and renovation to accommodate even more diners looking to relive the days of the soda fountain while enjoying sundaes the size of their faces. On our most recent vacation, we were finally able to score a reservation!

In this dining review, I’ll discuss the dining location’s theming, our experience with check-in and seating, the menu and which dishes we ate, and I’ll answer the question, “Would we eat here again?”

Let’s dig in!


Beaches & Cream Soda Shop evokes the nostalgia of the 1950s soda shop, with a long counter that looks into the kitchen and prep areas, pastel-colored walls and fixtures, and a jukebox in the corner. The Cast Members are all dressed in attire that matches the theme, with the men in slacks and pastel shirts and the women in striped dresses with aprons. Some reviewers have complained that the recent renovation has stripped Beaches & Cream of much of its character, but I did not get to experience it pre-renovation. From my observations, it is a modern interpretation of the 1950s soda shop, as it is very bright and open with Disney artwork adorning the walls.

 Beaches & Cream Dining Room (Beaches & Cream Soda Shop)

Beaches & Cream Dining Room

 Counter Area & Kitchen (Beaches & Cream Soda Shop)

Counter Area & Kitchen

 Disney Artwork at Beaches & Cream (Beaches & Cream Soda Shop)

Disney Artwork at Beaches & Cream

Jukebox by Counter at Beaches & Cream

Jukebox by Counter at Beaches & Cream


The menu for Beaches & Cream is not very extensive, but features your classic American diner fare! An array of sandwiches, burgers, and elaborately topped French fries and tots are sure to satisfy even picky eaters. This location is mostly known for outlandish sundaes and over-the-top milkshakes, so those items dominate most of the menu space.

As far as Table Service locations go, this is on the lower end of pricing for Walt Disney World. Sandwiches and burgers range from $13 to $18, while side orders of fries and other items range from $5 to $8. The ice cream specialties and milkshakes have a bit of a wider range of prices, from the Ice Cream Soda at $6 to the Famous Kitchen Sink at $34, (serves four). Discounts are available for Tables In Wonderland cardholders, Disney Vacation Club members, and Annual Passholders.

Check-In Process

Due to a slightly longer-than-usual line for the Skyliner at Caribbean Beach, we made it to the hostess desk just in time for our dinner reservation at 6:25 pm. We were greeted by one Cast Member, who took my phone number and informed us that we would receive a text notification when our table was ready. Approximately fifteen minutes later, we were seated and greeted by our waitress.

What We Drank

For our beverages, we kept things pretty simple, as we knew we would be indulging in ice cream for dessert. My sister ordered a Cherry Soda, which tasted like your typical Shirley Temple, and I ordered a Classic Coke, (served in a nostalgic glass bottle).

Cherry Soda and Classic Coke

Cherry Soda and Classic Coke

What We Ate

My sister, Eileen, ordered the Turkey Club Sandwich with French fries. The sandwich itself was huge, but she could have finished it if we did not have the goal of ending dinner with giant ice cream sundaes.

 Turkey Club Sandwich at Beaches & Cream (Beaches & Cream Soda Shop)

Turkey Club Sandwich at Beaches & Cream

I ordered the Salmon Sandwich with French fries. The sandwich was topped with lettuce, tomato, and tomato aioli. I found the salmon to be cooked very well, but that made the sandwich a little more difficult to eat. The salmon was super flaky, so every time I picked my sandwich up, the meat would fall out. But no worries, it was still delicious!

 Salmon Sandwich at Beaches & Cream (Beaches & Cream Soda Shop)

Salmon Sandwich at Beaches & Cream

Dessert, the main event! This part of the meal was the reason I booked a reservation at Beaches & Cream! Eileen ordered the No Way Jose, a sundae featuring peanut butter, hot fudge, chocolate and vanilla ice cream, and chocolate morsels. This sundae was big enough to be shared by two, but she had no problems finishing it on her own!

The No Way Jose…and a very happy birthday girl!

The No Way Jose at Beaches & Cream…and a very happy birthday girl!

I opted for one of the signature milkshakes, as I had filled up quite a bit on my dinner! I opted for the Chocolate Brownie Milkshake, a chocolate milkshake topped with chocolate syrup, chocolate shavings, and a fudgy brownie. The shake came in a souvenir plastic cup, which our waitress kindly cleaned out for me after dinner. The milkshake itself was very good, but the brownie was too rich to take more than a few bites.

Chocolate Brownie Milkshake at Beaches & Cream

Chocolate Brownie Milkshake at Beaches & Cream

Would We Eat Here Again?

Eileen and I both really enjoyed our experience at Beaches & Cream. Our waitress, Courtney, was enthusiastic and fun. She really brought our energy back up after a long day in the parks! We enjoyed our food and really loved our desserts! We would eat here again with one caveat: we would only come for desserts. Throughout our meal, we kept saying that we didn’t want to fill up because ultimately we were there for dessert! Next time, I’ll make a reservation for dessert and we’ll have a light meal in the parks beforehand.