Saving for Walt Disney World (Thumbnail)

A Walt Disney World vacation is a magical experience that your family can treasure for years to come! However, this vacation also comes with a price tag that can be a stretch for many families. Even on a tight budget, there are some little things you can do to start saving for your Walt Disney World vacation! I’m offering just a few tips here, none of which involve using a credit card or any difficult hacks. Let’s get saving!

Analyze Your Household Budget

Whenever you’re thinking of saving money for a certain thing, like a house or vacation, the first step is to look at your current budget. Print out your past few months of bank and credit card statements and look for recurring expenses. Are there things you could cut your costs on (i.e. groceries) or things you could cut out entirely (i.e. subscriptions)? Take the money you save from reducing those expenses and set it aside for your Walt Disney World vacation!

Set Up Vacation Savings Account

A really easy way to save for a Walt Disney World vacation is to set up a separate vacation savings account. Some banks and credit unions specifically have Vacation Accounts, so they are super easy to start. Set yours up so that every time you receive your paycheck, a certain amount is automatically put into the vacation account. This way, you’ll be saving money without even thinking about it!

Savings Challenge

This is a method that I’ve used to build my savings. At the beginning of the calendar year, decide how much money you want to save for your vacation. Now divide that number by 52, (for the 52 weeks in a year). Each week, put aside that amount of money and check it off on a chart or your calendar. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment each week as you put money away and when you reach your goal!

Below is a sample Savings Challenge Chart that I’ve followed before. I saved $2,600 in one year and it was like a little game!

Saving for Walt Disney World (Savings Challenge)

Stock Up on Discounted Disney Gift Cards

Many wholesale clubs in the United States offer discounted gift cards for their members. If you belong to one of these clubs and they offer Disney gift cards, take advantage of the savings! Buy one or a few gift cards at a time and put them away to pay for your vacation.

I belong to Sam’s Club and can purchase Disney gift cards for 5-8% off. Every time I get paid, I head to Sam’s Club and purchase a $50 Disney gift card. Not only do I save money on the card itself, but I also save on the vacation!

Collect Change

This seems like a very small step, but it can help you save for your Walt Disney World vacation! Keep your change in a jar somewhere in your house. Every time you come home, empty your wallet of unwanted change. Soon, you’ll have a full jar to cash in at your bank or coin counting kiosk!

I’ve done this for a few trips and have accumulated approximately $100 each time. That’s money for snacks or souvenirs that I collected without really trying!

Saving for Walt Disney World (Dole Whips)
$100 = 10 Dole Whips. I love Disney Math!